Lash Extension Course


We offer 1 day initial training which lasts a full day, and combines a good balance of the essential theory, along with the intricate practical application. These new skills are then to be practised in your own time and following the completion of a number of case studies you will receive your Celebrity Range Certification of training.  You can be assured of quality instruction that will become the basis of your progress towards becoming a highly skilled Lash Perfect professional.

Our one-day training course provides a fabulous kit and a thorough training programme.

All our Educators are committed to meeting the needs of every student. Upon carrying out your case studies after training you will receive a fully recognised certificate.


Course Content

- Theory

- Anatomy and function

- Health and safety

- Consultation

- Lash variations

- Celebrity lash products

- Technique

- Practical on mannequin heads

- Lunch

- Demonstration

- Practical

- After care

- Review Q & A


Price £225 including Premium Kit.


Kit includes


Includes Odourless glue, 3 x 1g lashes sizes 9mm j curl, 0.15, 10mm j curl 0.15, 11mm j curl 0.15, 5 eye pads, 2 pairs of tweezers, Primer, Remover, 5 glue rings, Blower, Sealant, silicone pad, crystal glass stone, Micro pore tape, 10 Micro Brushes, 10 Mascara brushes, 10 Consultation Cards, and 10 After care Leaflets, Manual, Poster and badge.

Please call us on 01425 627628 for course dates

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