Celebrity Tanning Treatments


Continues to operate in the forefront of the spray tanning revolution with the development of new spray formulas and techniques. Celebrity is Europe 's leading spray tan supplier.


With the ever-increasing risks associated with sunbeds, people are beginning to shy away from traditional UV tanning methods. Celebrity offers a safe and healthy alternative with a choice of sprays for every skin type.


Celebrity uses a unique formula that contains the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This causes a harmless chemical reaction with the skin whilst the application technique eliminates any previous problems such as streaks, patches and orange skin. Due to our years of experience, we can offer not only an excellent tan but a choice of sprays that will suit all.


Tanning is now accessible for even those whose skin is too sensitive for natural sunlight. We are constantly innovating and will soon have sprays available for people allergic to DHA, and a spray with added moisturizers for those with particularly dry skin.


100% Perfect! No more streaks, patches or orange tans. Our formula and application technique are second to none!



Celebrity Spray Tan £ 15.00


Celebrity Tanning Spray is made from a blend of all natural emollients, antioxidants, to moisturise and protect the skin. This fine tanning mist contains instant bronzers, and is fast drying and streak free. Always exfoliate and complete all hair removal treatments 24 hours prior to applying Celebrity Tanning Spray. For best results ensure skin is in good condition and free from any products.


This product does not contain sunscreens. If product gets on to hands, wash immediately with soap and water to prevent colouration of skin.

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